Music is a Window into the Soul

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Whether it is a song talking about your first kiss, heartbreak or a big Win, music has a way of helping us delve deeper into our innermost thoughts...feelings. We know all of us can think of a song or dozens that can get us all in our feelings!

This innate connection with music is why Vurde made music a cornerstone of our Mindful Moment experience.

We are so happy to share a piece of our vibes from the Vurde vault with you. 

Carefully curated to provide the perfect turn-up that's both Ratchet & Righteous, evoking all parts of the yin and yang of life.

With the help of our friend Jawn Boy of Bumppp Radio, Founder Sonya and Jawn collaborate in Vurde Vibes Volume 001 & 002 to bring a dual experience aimed at helping you charge up your day like that first cup of coffee, as well as unwind at the end of it to rest, relax and restore. 

As we continued to share our musical journey with each Vurde Vibes installment, expect to learn more about how both Jawn Boy & Sonya connect with music and use it as a way of finding daily joy.

We hope you enjoy the vibes.

Music is Self Care.

Jawn Boy of Bumppp! Radio

Sonya, Founder of Vurde