A Seat at the Table

The Peoples Climate March on April 29th brought together more than 200,000 people in DC and thousands more in marches across the US. The aim of the movement was to stand up for ¨climate, jobs, and JUSTICE.¨ Now that the march is over, many ask the question, what next?

Remember, climate change is a symptom of a greater problem.

We´ve all heard the stories of indigenous peoples losing land to fossil fuel development. Perhaps some of you have also heard of Black Louisianians losing land to coastline depletion. These are both genuine issues well deserving of the national spotlight. However, why do we seem to only focus our attention on environmental issues when we´re on the brink of a disaster? Does it take a Flint Michigan or a Keystone Pipeline to get us and our government representatives to act? 


How do environmentally unfriendly policies and climate change directly affect your life? Do you ever stop to think about that? Admittedly, we don’t always have immediate control over our government representatives, but we do have control over our personal choices.

At Vurde, we believe that the greatest fight against climate change will happen at the individual level. In this war, we must come to battle as consumers. By exercising our purchasing power, we will make brands loyal to us and our values, and cease to support those who are not reflective of that. Like Wu-Tang reminded us in their '93 classic,  Cash Rule’s Everything Around Me, we can make choices that can ultimately affect which representatives have a seat at the table.

In the coming weeks, Vurde will begin to introduce you to brands that we feel will help you live a more authentic, and socially and environmentally conscious life. I look forward to starting our journey together and learning what values are important to you in a brand.