A Mother's Love

Today marks a day where many people take time out to celebrate the women who, whether by birth or by circumstance, served as the mother figure in their life. 

Aside from the commercialized aspect of Mothers Day's, who can't get behind a holiday, aimed at commemorating the contributions of mothers to society. Established by its founder Anna Jarvis as a way to honor her mother, she later would work tirelessly to protest against the very holiday she created, due to the overwhelming commercialization and reinforcement of what she felt were lazy actions to reflect one's appreciation for their loving mother.

Was Jarvis on the right track? Touted as one of the most successful U.S. holidays, according to the National Retail Federation, this year, Mother's Day spending is set to hit a record high and hit 23.6Billion, yes that's Billion with a B. Clearly, us American's love our mama's, or do we? 

In reality, I can't say that brunching with your Mom on her special holiday or spending a few coins on a bracelet you think your mother may fancy, is a lazy gesture of acknowledgment to ma dukes, as the founder may contend. However is it enough? When I reflected on it, I concluded that above anything else, recognition in its purest form of your mother and her role in her life is what I think many if not most mom's want most. So how can you say thanks to the woman who was in labor for hours to bring you into the world or provided the perfect words after a frustrating moment,  I think reflecting her love and dedication in all that you do is the highest acknowledgment.

Alongside me, my brothers Jon & Chris are part of the Vurde team. We feel blessed that we had the constant love and support of a phenomenal woman aka Mom, especially as we journey the unforgiving road known as entrepreneurship. If the picture above isn't reflection enough, my mom was the fly Southern Belle Mom, who spent her time shaping minds daily as a Math Teacher. She's still that fly mom, just a retired one now. Aside from helping countless precocious students on the Pythagorean Theorem or latest Algebra II Jedi mind tricks, she was most importantly shaping the three lives she and our father brought into this world. 

I always wondered how my mom did it. Between handling three kids, remaining active in her Sorority, to at times serving as a Children's Choir Director, how did she get it all done? In my latter years, I realized that the same principles she instilled in my brothers and I she reflected it in all that she did. Aiming to run her household as efficiently as she saw fit, my mom was the perfect planner, as according to her to get a lot done, one must plan to make things happen. So yes, as a young kid well until I bid home adieu for college, each quarter I began creating a new schedule under Mom's oversight. Now as an adult, I find myself revisiting these very core principles instilled in me when I was young. As a foolish adult, when you find newfound freedom, you feel that time is yours. However, time is fleeting and therefore to feel its peace, one must manage that time, or it will manage you. Life lessons like the above are one of many that my mother instilled into the three of us. 

Because our time here is brief, spend some time with your Mom. Have her up for a visit, or just call her up and hear her many stories, even if you've heard them a million times. If your Mother's no longer here, still spend some time doing something that commemorates her memory. Take a walk, reflect. Even those no longer with us in the physical, have energy that surrounds and is of us.  Most of all, just let her know that she's appreciated. Your Mom and Tupac would be happy. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there, especially my Mama! <3