The Next Movement

Today, Vurde provides a sneak peek into our future marketplace offerings with a soft beta launch. With today being the last day of 2016, Vurde couldn't imagine a better way to usher in a new year, by spotlighting an #OdetoSelfCare. Like the sentiments eloquently penned by Solange, sometimes the affairs of our community, even the world, can be heavy. With that, we must always ensure that we take a moment to provide care to ourselves by loving ourselves first and foremost. Vurde takes this theme to heart, as we explored this subject in our November post "Making Room for Me." As the adage says, one must be full first before they can pour into someone else. In alignment with Kuumba, today's sixth principle of Kwanzaa; you will find a curation of self-care items that explores the very creativity that this principle holds. As, by definition, Kuumba is "to do always as much as we can, in the way we can, to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it." 

The latter speaks to the overall ethos of Vurde. Our aim is to serve as part of a new movement by offering a sustainability-focused marketplace featuring products from artisans and entrepreneurs from under-represented communities. We must continue to reinvest in our communities and as Kuumba reinforces, "leave it more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it." By definition, to be sustainable is to have the ability to maintain a method of harvesting without depleting your resources. As I traveled periodically throughout various regions of the United States this year, I could not help but notice the vast ecological differences from yesteryear. Be it the once full lake now being dangerously low in the Fall season or an abundance of litter within some of our communities, Vurde wants to do its part of reinforcing sustainable practices, and that begins with how we consume as well as what we consume. As we say, we aren't trying to overhaul your life but rather give you ideas, products, and tools to bring a bit more authenticity and sustainability into your life. 

Vurde is about finding, curating and celebrating artisans who are thoughtful, elegant and passionate about what they create. Our artisans aren’t only thinking about the bottom line. They’re thinking about quality, impact, and value. They’re thinking about you. I started this company after realizing a void in the sustainable-focused marketplace arena while battling a skin condition. There were plenty of options, but none of them kept it simple. After a lot of research on holistic skincare options that existed beyond the grocery store, I found an extensive network of artisans dedicated to creating products that, at their core, were made with integrity and dedication to sustainable practices. Vurde is a platform for these products, the people who make them and the people looking for them.

So today is a small view of the incredible offerings Vurde has in store for you in 2017. On a bi-weekly basis, we will routinely drop new offerings from some of the dopest artisans out there. In tandem, we will additionally offer insight into the ways we can create sustainable magic in our daily lives and within the communities around us.

At Vurde, we have a Pay it Forward business commitment, where quarterly, 10% of our sales will be donated to community-based organizations helping to push forward initiatives, programs, and services contributing to making our world a better place for the next generation. We see this as part of our responsibility to the overall eco-system of communities that represent both you and me.

The team at Vurde appreciates all of the love and support provided thus far, and we can't wait to continue this journey with you to a new movement. The Next Movement.

Love & Light, 

Sonya Fox
Founder & CEO