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Launched in 2019, Vurde has done more than refine the subscription box trend: We've started a new one. Guided by a passion for people, good food, wellness, culture and music, we fuse these passions to create the ultimate experience to rest, relax and release.

Vurde curates a monthly experience connecting you to crafted recipes, curated playlist, yummy food products from dope food purveyors and mindful activities guaranteed to put that extra pep back in your step.

Vurde is the perfect self care solution or as a gift to someone you love, every box comes full of so much love from us.


Vurde curates a unique blend of food, activities and access to themed crafted recipes and music playlist to help you wipe it all away and continue to strive towards living your best life.

Inspired by both Hip-Hop and popular Culture, Vurde is a wellness brand always keeping it fresh each month, providing you a carefully curated self care experience unlike any other.

We give you a way to give back to yourself by creating an intentional, engaging and delicious self care moment.

Additionally, Vurde extends the wellness forward by providing annually a portion of each subscription towards a wellness organization that serve our communities.


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"The Dopest Subscription Box."


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Charlotte, North Carolina natives Sonya Fox and Bianca Sharpe are passionate about people, food, wellness and community.

Connecting in college while attending North Carolina State University, both Fox and Sharpe would forge a long-time friendship over their love for the above and innate gravitation towards the field of HR.

Both taking their passion and natural skill to connect organically and authetically with people, they would later grow their respective HR careers with focuses in Organizational & Learning Development in the cities of Washington, DC and Charlotte, NC.

Fox recognizing the battles with preserving a healthy work/life balance amongst both colleagues and herself, she began to embark on studying various holistic wellness and intentional living practices aimed at helping you successfully wade through life with less weight.

Feeling a natural kinship to involve her lifelong friend Sharpe who comes knowledgeable in the space of learning development and psychology, coupled with a dynamic group of advisors spanning the food, health, tech and marketing industries, Vurde is a reflection of a passion for all things meant to elevate your mind, body and spirit.